For over a decade Francesca has lead a collaboration with The Ashmolean Museum Education Department and Oxfordshire Artweeks. Each year it takes the form an interactive artwork created in family workshops and exhibited in the museum galleries during the month of May and often beyond. Every participant contributes to the main artwork and always makes something exciting to take home.

2017 The Watlington Hoard. As part of the Anglo Saxons and Vikings Big Weekend at The Ashmolean Museum, Francesca created an interactive display/artwork representing the excavation trench where this significant hoard of treasure was found. Families made coins to bury in the trench and drew Vikings and Anglo Saxons to stick onto the backdrop that she painted to represent the Chiltern hills where the hoard was found in 2015. It has recently been purchased by The Ashmolean.

2017 Pure Pattern – this is an interactive ceramic ‘puzzle’ of handmade tiles painted in workshops in collaboration with Unique Creations. It will be exhibited in the Islamic galleries.

2016 Noisy Collages – this was an interactive collage with a sound track of the workshop participants talking about Oxford today and in the past. It was to mark the purchase of JMW Turner’s painting of Oxford High Street and was created in collaboration with Penny Boreham.

2015 Mish Mash Monsters – this was a project to make a giant split page book of various characters from the collections, including gods, monsters and mythical beasts.

2014 Game of Cubes – this was a game of matching up the faces of the cubes to make 6 different paintings from the western art galleries – but it was the workshop participants who created the paintings. This stayed in the picture galleries for 6 months.

2013 Remember My Name – the recreation of Meresamum, one of the mummies in the Egyptian galleries. This installation went next to the original, and the suspended bandages and amulets represented what lies beneath her outer shell.

2012 Gold, Silver and Bronze – an ambitious project for the Olympics, three life size figures gilded with metal leaf. They toured various other venues before being finally consigned to the dump.

2011 Figure it Out– a casting project culminating in a frieze of bas relief plaster tiles that were exhibited in the atrium for the following 5 years.

2010 My Mini Ashmolean– an installation of favorite objects from the museum made in the family workshops and exhibited in a layered display that was a mini version of the new layout of the museum’s multi million pound rebuild.